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You believe in Company ... 

so let's get you dressed like it?


Nine - Prelim Logo - For Across.png

When a group of artists comes together to create entertainment as moving and impactful as the 360 team ... there's a level of rockstar that naturally develops. So as they do the hard work of creating and expanding a 'set-list' of shows inimitable in the area, grab your show swag and support the next/ most recent story inspiring audiences and motivating the breaking of ceilings and status quos.

Uncertain what the design aesthetic is all about for our latest show? Read on ...

"NINE tells the story of star-crossed strangers and friends on one day in 1999. This 90's fueled alternative tale is an anthem of an age fueled by frustration and depression. Part "Spring Awakening", part "The Big Chill", part “Cruel Intentions”.

This one is set entirely to 90s alt music with equivalent costuming, but also has 10 main characters (just like those amazing ensemble cast movies of the decade) and speaks deeply to mental health. It will be dark and heavy yes, but really hold a respectful light to what happens when someone’s mental welfare goes unnoticed, or when we think the happiest person is the most self assured.

It primarily takes place at Mesmer Prep, a super-elite New England prep school with inextricable ties to the Ivy League college in town, Whitmer University (the nepotistic alma mater of many of the adults in the story).  As we navigate this gentrified and social gloss of classroom, prom, and memorial, we uncover the truths that underpin adolescent facade; that we never know who's hurting most (what’s hiding under every single one of our outer layers)... and we never know the full power of one act of kindness."


While the creative team conjures up immersive worlds and stories and dance and designs twice a year, if the seasonal designs do not quite whet your threaded appetite then look no further for that classic Company 360 look. From shirts, to hoodies, to hats for Erin's dad, rep the Company striving to move hearts, minds, and souls.

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