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Company 360 Dance Theatre announces:

"A Golden Age Affair"

seasonal gala | show preview | community event

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While The Fall Gala Has Wrapped ...

We still have a way for you to get involved and extend the vision of Company 360!

As of writing this, through the graciousness and love of the community in attendance at our Gala, we have been able to secure over $1000 of the $7500 minimum needed to start the build out of our second studio (full projection is just shy of 10k); a dance and multi-purpose space for our Conservatory trainees, Company dancers, and the community at large.

So for the love of community, the love of story, and the love of the arts, please consider helping us meet this goal ...


Giving Levels & Kickbacks
  • $1000+ Donation - Individual Plaque immortalized on a Studio Odette Mirror, Lifetime tickets to Company 360 Shows in Fredericksburg (up to 12 per show), and lifetime access to Company 360 Dance Films

  • $500 Donation - Become a part of the collective Donor Plaque to be mounted at the entrance of the studio, lifetime tickets to Company 360 Shows

  • $250 Donation - Become a part of the collective Donor Plaque to be mounted at the entrance of the studio, 8 tickets to "Away" in Fredericksburg, lifetime access to Company 360 Dance Films

  • $100 Donation - Become a part of the collective Donor Plaque to be mounted at the entrance of the studio, 4 Tickets to "Away" in Fredericksburg, access to Company 360 Dance Film for "Away"

  • $50 Donation - 2 tickets to a Fredericksburg Showing of "Away"

  • $1 - $49 - Incredible Thanks ... and of course a Digital Shoutout on Company 360 Social Channels



We've begun to outfit a studio for our dancers,


and now we are ready to build a studio for all!

Z's Letter.png

My Sweet Z,

There must be something wrong with the world, I think. Why should we be afraid of what we feel, of what we think? Why should they be right and we wrong? . . . It's not just a matter of a woman falling in love with another woman, it's a whole way of approaching life, a whole series of beliefs and ideals, and feelings that is at stake. And I'm too selfish, too self-confident, to accept theirs instead of mine. In a way, I'm scared only because you are. I don't want to cause you any trouble . . . But for myself I don't care. I'm in love. What does it matter whether it's a man or a woman? Love is wonderful, marvelous, beautiful in all its forms and aspects. Love is love.

I love you, Z. I say it and I don't care, I'm not ashamed. I want to say it again and again. I love you Z. Z, I love you.

-yours forever

Dear Gala Guest, 

As has become true of all Company 360 original shows, this Fall's show will be one of hard truths, hard roads, and the strength of the human spirit. Before this show takes the stage, however, we must celebrate all that has thus far been achieved and welcome you, the community, into our developing world of ground-breaking dance theatre. For this, we are so excited to invite you to our inaugural Gala at our first brick-and-mortar location in Fredericksburg, Virginia. This Gala will be our official public launch of a 6th year of creating original narrative dance works for this area and beyond, as well as the first that will be created directly in Fredericksburg proper.

Part announcement, part preview of our new show "Away", and all party, this is your chance to dress to the nines, share in great company, and meet the newest member of the downtown arts scene. 

Date: October 22, 2022
Time: 7pm-10pm
Location: 314 Forbes Street, Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Who can come?
Anyone interested in supporting The Arts and who is over 21 years old!

What to wear:
Formal Attire worthy of a red carpet

How to style:
1950's High Society or London Underground

What to Expect:
A Seasonal Gala, Exclusive Show Preview,
Silent Auction (app-based), Drinks,
Hors D'oeuvres, Music, and Dancing


V's Letter.png

My Dear V,

Chaos quickens as I resign unto entanglements born of cruelty and my own weakness. Social threads I once so smartly wove, vestiges of an assured place in the world, increasingly loosen as the most coveted strand of desire that I so vehemently and cruelly denied you frays from years of disuse. I know not where you now tether, nor the panels that adorn your intricate and beautiful quilt, yet I  do know that mine is now sewn of fear, despair and regret. I know it is too late, though, as my addling suffuses the deepest recesses of my mind. I now find myself uncertain if the world unravels around me, or if it is I that comes undone. If only I had secreted away with you, instead of him; perhaps put Away is not where I would now be.

-yours forever and yours for never

Company 360 Presents: "A Golden Age Affair" (21+)
Company 360 Presents: "A Golden Age Affair" (21+)
Oct 22, 2022, 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Company 360 Dance Theatre,
316 Forbes St, Fredericksburg, VA 22401, USA
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