Ready To See Dreamt?

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While Dreamt's Original Show Run in Spring of 2022 has enjoyed the last curtain call, we are reviving for a one-day, both casts, epic Dreamt day at the Hylton Performing Arts Center in Manassas Virginia! 

Day: August 13th, 2022

Time: 2PM and 7PM

So if you were sorry to have missed the show, or you feel compelled to see it on a world-class stage, come on out for an incredible day of dance magic!

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Dreamt is a story of hope, grief and yes reverie, loosely inspired by Margery William’s classic The Velveteen Rabbit. Told through the eyes of children and teens surrounded by the banal sterility of hospital walls. Through the incredible storytelling power of the Company 360 dancers, you will watch as our protagonist Boy witnesses familial love, absent of his own.


Despite the bedtime stories he once had, and the solicitude of a fellow teenage patient named Stella, Boy is left to his own despairing and wild wonderment - dreaming colorful abstractions to process the monochrome realities of everyday life. As innocence and imagination begin to fade, and adulthood and responsibility loom, the line between day and dreaming blurs and you may ask yourself: Is family who you have, or what you can create?

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The Original Dreamt Cast

Get a sneak peak at who is playing the characters brought to life!
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The Dreamt Book

Support professional dance in the Rappahannock Region and get a beautiful, poetic, book version of the show that audiences are touting, "seriously gets better every time!", and "it's the kind of show that you want to tell everyone about, but no description can do it justice!"

*Every book sold gets Company 360 one small step closer to the vision of establishing a brick-and-mortar home for professional dance and building a real-deal conservatory for dance in the area!
Sales of The Dreamt Book are currently on hold as we shift our resources and focus toward the Fall of 2022 and our next show, "Away"

A small number of copies will be available for immediate purchase at our August 13th show in Manassas, VA. (See top of page)
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Whether you came to the opening run, plan to come to future runs and tours, or just want to spread the love, why not try rocking our official dreamt merchandise in your house, hospital, school, workplace, local grocer, and just maybe, future theatre lobbies!
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