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Stage 1
Building A Dream

Conservatory Coupe


First thing's first: Coupé is not a homeschool co-op or an all consuming conservatory.... 


Coupé (or "conservatory light" as we are affectionately referring to it) is a program cut-apart to set it apart...

to strike something new that our community needs, but does not yet have. 


Coupé is a multi media, multi subject, multi modal way of making confident, complete performing arts students who invest in their own learning process, and learn that learning is and can be the beating-heart of a successful life. 


Much like some of the greatest politicians, writers, philosophers and scientists, our program focuses on bold thinking, classroom discussion, and drafting to dream a larger future. 


Everyday includes some Movement (taking a physical dance class to hone our movement based performance), some Mastery (deep classroom sessions and studies) and some Making (learning how to put various forms of art into practice, on their own). 


We learn how to analyze, edit and instruct. How to learn and lead, in equal measure. How to challenge our minds as much as our bodies.


Yes, it's focused a lot on dance (it's taught by Alex Herlig and Bailey Anne Vincent, after all), but it's for all performers who want to shake off the stillness of their typical school day, and create a year of learning that moves as much as it makes. 


We focus on the language of the arts (from French ballet breakdowns, to the great poets of yore, to another physical language: American Sign Language), to the words that made us (history, literature, more), to the shapes that make us better (from psychology to choreography). 


Find out more and secure your spot:



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