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Arriving Fall 2021


Consoul Ballet is digital ballet company striving for equity for audiences and professional ballerinas alike. Our goal is to bring classical ballet to audiences that may not have the means, mode of transportation, or metropolitan advantage to witness one in person.

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Why is Consoul important?

Our goal is to provide a Ballet alternative for professional level dancers who cannot afford life on company contract funding, have full time positions or families of their own, or do not live in a city with a company at large. 

It is our abiding hope and gift for talented adult ballet dancers who've had to sacrifice their dreams due to the privilege, location and cost that often goes hand in hand with continuing in their craft. 

It is also aimed at making ballet more accessible for communities at large, including digital ticket affordability, the ability to watch anywhere and everywhere, and onward. 

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The ballet company for those who say,
"I will never see a ballet."

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