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our administration and leadership


Generally referring to the main body of dancers in a performance company, and although we have aspirational and inspirational layers to our company, corps for our purposes encompasses all our performers from youth to pro. When a dancer chooses to hone their performance ability and discover how to truly move an audience, they immediately join this .corps family.

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We began as a performance based group, however, quickly realized in a staggering way that we would only be as good as those who supported and championed our cause. Providing opportunities to support and learn the technical side of the arts, our Crew are the best of the best and we know it.


Accounting for initiatives informational and educational, Company360 strives to set itself apart as a leader in the field of dance for all. Whether we are on the road teaching others the ins and outs of supporting everyone or advocating from atop our online publication, The SoapBox, our goal is simple: ensure that the value of an open door outshines the precedented status quo of exclusivity.

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