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Dance Theatre


Company 360 is a body neutral professional dance company built around the creation of at least two original,  full-length, narrative dance theater works per year.  


Then as we create show after show, we  continually strive to be the counterpoint to the notion that dancers must fall under a certain purview of height and weight, or that they must bend to specific gender or societal norms that do not serve our audience, communities or the endemic culture of dance to date. At root we believe and breathe in the mantra, story above status. We strive for novelty, we strive for relevancy, and we are a dance-driven show incubator like you've never seen or experienced before.


*What is body neutral?  Well for our team it means that we do not discriminate by the size or stature of our performing artists.

*What is dance theatre? While we have a pretty involved answer, it can be summed up as telling a darn good story with little to no limitations on the theatrical elements used ...

but with dance as our heart and soul!

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