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to move

to dance

to move

Company 360 is a body neutral dance company that creates two original,  full-length, narrative dance works per year.  What is body neutral?  It means that we do not discriminate by the size or stature of our performing artists.


We strive to be the counterpoint to the notion that dancers must fall under a certain purview of height and weight, or that they must bend to specific gender or societal norms that do not serve our audience, communities or the endemic culture of dance to date. 

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What makes 360 different?

First, we believe in the power of art to tell stories and effect change. Through this power we actively work against dance "isms", advocate for gender neutrality, open communication and promote transparency wherever it is needed.


Second, we create 2, full-length, completely original linear narrative contemporary shows per year, utilizing a variety of dance styles and complementary scores. Although we will tour our works eventually, regionally we continue to push forward creating new works, new stories, and new movements from and for movements. 

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