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to dream to dance to redeem

ComeBacks is a branch of The Company 360 Collective, and one aimed entirely at those with chronic or long term illness. Built of former artists, rising from the ashes of mobility and wellness discrimination, ComeBacks is a digital, bi-monthly, rehearsal process fusing both therapeutic conversational processing and collaborative choreography in one.

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"Dance is about how you move your audience…"

What is Comebacks?

Originally an in-person workshop performance experience, our mission is shifting and responding to the times, and we are now focused on creating a professional dance family for the chronically ill that does not condescend, nor placate talent or ability. This is not a few dance classes. This is not recreational offerings for anyone online. This is a professional construct designed for those who’ve lost theirs. We do not adapt to adaptive protocol or bolster terms of inclusivity. Instead, we aim to rethink what makes dance dynamically equal; no movement hierarchies, no lesser than implications. Dance is about how you move your audience… no matter how you define movement for yourself.

*Note: owing to continued danger to those with weakened immune systems, Comebacks remains digitally inclusive.


ComeBacks is co-directed by Company 360 founder and choreographer Bailey Anne Vincent and Occupational Therapist, American Sign Language interpreter, and ballerina, Dr Emily Moran. Dr. Moran is able to bring her extensive expertise and passion to the project, given a lifetime as a Deaf educator, special needs advocate, hospital and medical staff, and trained therapist. 






" It's about sharing your journey, baring your soul, connecting with your culture and encouraging viewers to reflect and feel something."

Becoming Comebacks

"To me, dance is about storytelling - not about competition or cool tricks. It's about sharing your journey, baring your soul, connecting with your culture and encouraging viewers to reflect and feel something. I enjoy using dance as "ARTIVISM" (a term coined by author Silvia Young, meaning activism performed through the creation of art) ... and i'm honored to continue this work."


-Andrea, ComeBacks Artist


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