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art | access | advocacy

Company 360 Collective is a mindset and a construct. It is what happens when we look at the whole of a performing arts experience. It is the culmination of experience and passion and extension that is required of incredible spirits and talents coming together to entertain, engage, and inspire. It is a culture of inclusivity. It is the culture of cultivation. It is a culture built upon the pursuit of the complexity of the human experience. It is the culture we aim to curate. It is the culture we promise to share.

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art | advocacy | accessibility



pedagogy and outreach for all



contemporary performances for every-body



chronically ill, chronically artists

Featured on an exclusive Only Good TV documentary series, as well as on the CW Network, Company 360 is receiving mounting press and accolade as we grow. We are confident that we owe this to not only standing, but standing for something larger. 


Additional spotlighting includes mentions in Pointe magazine, Dance magazine online, our Artistic Director featured an ASL infused Kelly Clarkson music video, as well as national body positive press alongside Kathryn Morgan, formally of the Miami City Ballet. 

In addition, Company 360 and ComeBacks craft their own activist dance films and motions, putting movement to movements that deserve attention, while raising funds for autism and special needs (Step Va), homeless youth (House of the Roses in NYC), and Cystic Fibrosis, featuring an original song by Everlast.

360 Press

360 Press
The Pandemic Arrives at Company360

The Pandemic Arrives at Company360

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Dancing Away From Illness and Onto the Stage

Dancing Away From Illness and Onto the Stage

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Company360's Bailey Anne teams up with BalletNext

Company360's Bailey Anne teams up with BalletNext

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"My Last Days" - Season 5



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