carousel pictures

the visuals that support the vision

As Company 360 began to grow following our first season, a need for high quality visuals to support the growing talent on stage became clear. Company 360 initiatives quickly began to be supplemented by JL and Bailey through photo, video, and graphic design projects. What followed was a re-ignition of old passions, a pursuit of deeper study and learning, an establishment of Carousel Pictures, and a growing set of tools to create complementary work to support the Company 360 mission.


As we move into the Fall of 2022, the development of technical abilities will also begin to be infused into Conservatory Coupe, bringing opportunities to develop 21st century visual arts skills to professionals and trainees alike. Additionally, as Company 360 moves into their new dance home on Cambridge Street, Carousel will be donating 75% of their Conservatory Portraits sessions, 50% of all other in-studio sessions, and 25% of any off-site job (from wedding to fashion) to Company 360 and The Conservatory on Cambridge.


For now explore the rest of our site and socials and feel free to reach out to

for more information or to support Company through photography.

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