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A Modern Suspense-Thriller Ballet

From Company 360 Dance Theatre


This show is more Macbeth than Much Ado. 

It has Shakespearean levels of tragedy and brief stage violence. 

There is historically inspired depiction of ECT Therapy. 


Additionally, please be advised of: 


  • brief blackouts

  • brief flashes of light

  • sudden loud noises

  • subtle theatrical fog/haze

  • mild adult language

  • implication of adult topics including human cruelty, mental health mistreatment, and depression.


This show is an abstract thriller and work of fiction. Any likeness or projection onto real people, places, or occurrences is coincidental.

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C360 - Away - Character Promo Poster Full Cast.png

AWAY is a contemporary suspense ballet about underground culture and sickening stigmas, regrettable wishes to turn back time, and the fight to love whomever we love without the threat of hate. Set amid a Rear Windowed murderous engagement party, we meet two heroines pushing to survive as society screams for them to find an Exit.

Z is a Zelda Fitzgerald of her time- a near perfect model of Grace Kelly like poise - and she is hosting the perfect party on the perfect night. Set to wed her dream man, the event swiftly shifts into nightmare after the arrival of her brother, the colorful and kind X, and his cast of creatives.

Among them we meet V- a Vivienne Leigh of pant-wearing precociousness - and the chemistry becomes gasoline to fire. Can Z survive the night and finish the party alive? Or will the ill in all of us truly extinguish the flame?

Inspired by Hitcockian proclivities of passion and pain. Cast amid a setting of tension and timid love. Swinging 50s meets a killer modern score, AWAY is a tale for the ages. Twist time and twist the knife with this genre bending ode to equity, psychology and endless love.

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