Upcoming Audition Date(s):
January 23rd, 2022
(exact times listed in audition form below)

So you're ready to perform with us, and lend your passion to a culture of stage excellence and inclusion?

We are humbled and grateful.


For this audition we are only opening to youth and training companies. You may explore our organization at the bottom of the Company Page to imagine where you'll fit in. If an adult, be on the lookout for August. For youth and trainees, new and seasoned, be sure to fill out the audition form for full consideration. Responses will only be reviewed by our Artistic Staff and will not be shared or distributed.


Company 360 will operate as an art-first organization, prioritizing quality and expression ahead of stigma and societal expectation. 


Company 360 will strive to create movement through movement and lend our art to raise awareness wherever we can.


Company 360 will represent and push for equity in the arts whether for the artist, the supporter, or the audience.


An Open Letter To Our Prospective 360 Dancers


Although Company 360 is a safe space for dancers of all bodies we do believe in crafting the best talent to create movements within movement. 


Therefore, as Company 360 rises and continues to rebuild into this new season and beyond, auditioning dancers (at the Training and Pro level) should be able to do the following: 


  • A clean double pirouette, en dehors. 

  • A clean sequence of chaîné turns 

  • A basic développé of their leg with appropriate alignment (not height)


Not only do these things matter to the lines and lineage of what Company is reaching towards, it matters to your health and safety. 


Company 360 takes the health of their dancer's seriously. Additionally we look for dancers with an intellectual understanding of technique, a deep passion for the performing arts, and clear communication and self advocacy skills as these are paramount for future learning, growing and grand jeté-ing. 


None of us will be perfect at everything and "clean-ish" is definitely a word uttered at times, but we want to work together to make sure you are dancing your very best, while honoring your personal body. 


So, yes, even though we expect our Company dancers to be able to execute a clean double pirouette and naturally point their feet when they leave the floor, what will make us different, and what we are truly looking for, is your emotion, your passion, and your storytelling.

Bailey Anne Vincent

Artistic Director


Audition Form

We are so incredibly excited to be able to continue pursuing professional dance in the Rappahannock and Central VA region.
To Join the journey, fill out the form and mark your calendars for 360 Auditions: 2021!

For which company are you auditioning?

*Please note that hopeful Youth and Training Company auditioners, a parent/guardian will be required to sign a media and liability release.

Audition Times

January 23rd, 2022
Avery Ballet, Fredericksburg
Youth Company - 2:00am-3:30pm
Training Company - 4:00pm-5:30pm