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Audition Date(s):
Coming August 6 and 7, 2022
Location: 100 Forbes Street, Falmouth, VA

So you're ready to be a part of Company 360, lending your passion and precision to our culture of excellence and inclusion?

Here is what you need to know:


* We create, perform and disappear into two full length, completely original contemporary dance works per season.


* We aim for "story, not status". Prioritizing world building, character evolution, community connectivity and personal growth over solos, spotlight and stature alone. 


* We are not a dance studio. We are not a gym. We are not a competition. We support and respect those spaces locally in our community, but we are a company for and of the theater. 


Before signing up to audition, be sure to review our entire site, explore our organization at the bottom of the Company Page, check out where we are headed with The Conservatory on Cambridge, discover our expanding opportunities below, and imagine where you'll fit. 


Adults audition annually (two shows per season; Fall and Spring). Youth and trainees audition per show for the experience, but we hope they live in Company dance theater worlds for years to come (and, one day, grow to Pro). 


We will be expanding the youth and training opportunities for the Fall of 2022. More information on this will become available in June of 2022.


Company 360 will operate as an art-first organization, prioritizing quality and expression ahead of stigma and societal expectation. 


Company 360 will strive to create movement through movement and lend our art to raise awareness wherever we can.


Company 360 will represent equity in the arts; creating a community of respect and equity for our artists, supporters, audiences and community.


The Companies

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Our Adult Company is made of two branches: Pro and Core. Auditionees dance with our Pro Company first; experiencing "we" above "I". 


Core is then by invitation only and those invited must have performed at least one show with us, support and live our mission, be exceptional dance performers, and really believe in the culture of equity and accessibility. The responsibility of role modeling, double casting and rehearsal time is larger... but the reward is great. 


As we expand into a new Fall and a new-to-us beautiful studio space, we will be able to introduce additional training and rehearsal time for all of our pros.  


 For the next two shows we will also continue to offer space for talented pros only able or wishing to commit to Sundays.

Fall '22 - Professional Schedule

Core: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays

Professional Company: Wednesdays and Sundays

Traditional: Sundays Only

Our Pre-Professional Company has grown to become an incredible, and unique-to-the-area, opportunity for promising performers to not only gain additional training and rehearsal time, with increased dancing and story-telling responsibilities, but our Pre-Pros get to do so in concert with the mentorship of our Core dancers. They train with and around our Core professionals, as well as are in balanced consideration for character leads in any given show. 


Pre-Pros are in consideration based not just upon talent, training and tenure put into Company as a whole, but role modeling, relationship and reverence towards others. 


All 360 Pre-Professionals shall perform at least one show with us as a Trainee before being invited to join. 


Fall '22 - Pre Pro Schedule

Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays

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Pre Pro

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Established initially as a small troupe of support performers to our Professional Company, our Trainee Company has grown in number, talent, and responsibility. As we continue the forward momentum for this group, and in light of our new home, we will be expanding training and rehearsal time in Fall of '22.


Just as with our professionals, we will retain the ability for a small subset to remain only Sundays. Outside studio training will continue to be encouraged, even for those engaging in our expanded Trainee program, though homeschool or alternative school prospects may be interested in checking out the all new Conservatory Coupe concept, the bold first step toward a Dance and Performing Arts Conservatory right here in Fredericksburg.

Fall '22 - Trainee Schedule

Expanded: Tuesday or Wednesday, & Sunday

Traditional: Sundays Only

For those younger members of the greater Company 360 community, we also offer the opportunity to join a small group of dedicated Youth performers. This group has the unique ability and responsibility to represent the younger roles in our storytelling, something that an older trainee or adult could never do.


Our Youth performers will continue to rehearse only one day a week, on Sundays, and are highly encouraged to engage in training at a local studio. If you don't yet have a home studio please feel free to look around or if you're a homeschool, alternative school, or interested in another way, check out our new Conservatory Coupe concept launching in the Fall of '22. 

Fall '22 - Youth Schedule

Traditional: Sundays Only

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The Open Letter To The Prospective 360 Performer


Although Company 360 is a safe space for dancers of all bodies we do believe in crafting the best talent to create movements within movement. 


Therefore, as Company 360 rises and continues to rebuild into this new season and beyond, auditioning dancers (at the Training and Pro level) should be able to do the following: 


  • A clean double pirouette, en dehors. 

  • A clean sequence of chaîné turns 

  • A basic développé of their leg with appropriate alignment (not height)


Not only do these things matter to the lines and lineage of what Company is reaching towards, it matters to your health and safety. 


Company 360 takes the health of their dancer's seriously. Additionally we look for dancers with an intellectual understanding of technique, a deep passion for the performing arts, and clear communication and self advocacy skills as these are paramount for future learning, growing and grand jeté-ing. 


None of us will be perfect at everything and "clean-ish" is definitely a word uttered at times, but we want to work together to make sure you are dancing your very best, while honoring your personal body. 


So, yes, even though we expect our Company dancers to be able to execute a clean double pirouette and naturally point their feet when they leave the floor, what will make us different, and what we are truly looking for, is your emotion, your passion, and your storytelling.

Bailey Anne Vincent

Artistic Director

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Audition Form
Fall 2022

We are so incredibly excited to be able to continue pursuing professional dance based out of the beautiful Rappahannock Region.
To join the journey, fill out the form and mark your calendar for Auditions!

For which company are you auditioning?

*A note to hopeful Youth and Trainees: a parent/guardian will be required to review and sign forms prior to your auditioning. You will be able to provide hopeful commitment level at auditions on August 6th.

Available Times

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Saturday, August 6, 2022
Sunday, August 7, 2022