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Company's Annual
Keep-The-Lights-On Drive



When Bailey Anne Vincent approached the Artistic Director of a youth theater company in Fredericksburg, VA back in 2016 with an ambitious plan for a professional company that would create original full-length works, few could imagine the full scope of the vision being set in motion. When the first Company 360 audition was held in preparation for the first experimental show, "Samsara," expectations were pretty conservative. Now, 6 years and 9 shows later, Bailey and her artistic team, pro dancers, trainees, actors, and crew are on the way to creating a set of legacy work capable of putting the Rappahannock Region on the dance map.

Of course supporting such an immense vision, where important and impactful narrative shows now clock in between 90 and 120 minutes, is no small feat. First of all, it requires unparalleled dedication and effort from a ground-breaking artistic team. It calls for countless hours from the performers. It requires the crew to ensure the professionalism of the show is mirrored in every photo, every film, and every bit of get-the-word-out marketing.

Following the re-emergence following the pandemic, Bailey and her team recognized the need for a space that has a "Company 360 Dance Theatre" sign prominently displayed. The expansive faith and belief in what Company is capable of creating gave us little option but to leap with hope and love. Now we have one beautiful studio outfitted, and a second space destined to be our community-forward studio on the way. Additionally we have launched a day-time performing arts program open to home-school trainees. We are also in discussion with local studios for partnership opportunities. We even offer Company curated classes led by our very own performing professionals.

So we have taken an enormous leap of faith to lay the foundation for a center of high-level equity-driven dance theatre ...

Now it is your turn to take the next leap with us.

As a not-for-profit focused on equity in the arts and across the arts, we must rely on you to support the vision that is clearly set to change the very landscape of what is possible. With your support, at whichever monthly commitment you can offer, you are proudly announcing to the world that you believe in creating art that can change hearts and minds ... and want us to continue creating Art That Matters. You are letting our dancers know that the sacrifices they make now are worthy of carrying forward. You are stating that a smaller city DESERVES to have professional dance ... and you are allowing the roots of Company 360, an organization grown from inclusion and excellence, to dig deep and weave intricately into the very landscape of The Arts in the Rappahannock Region.

2023 - 2024
What You Will Be Supporting

Company's two-show annual 'seasons' span Fall to Spring and bring you a pair of books, shows, and films tied together with care and alliteration. 2022-23 is the "A" season with "Away" and "Across". Fall 2023- Spring 2024 will bring "Nine" and "Nearly" to the stage, two shows already scored and storyboarded by Bailey and the Artistic Team.

*This Annual Drive is built to bridge our bifurcated seasons and span our Annual Gala held each Fall.

But what specifically are you supporting with your monthly,
tax deductible, commitment?

1. Operations - 75% - As a supporter of such a grand vision, you should have no delusions about the cost. A Company of 30+ pros, with at least as many trainees, that produces two fully original shows a year, offers dance classes, creates genre-bending dance films, and builds a neighborhood conservatory is an expensive endeavor and must first have the space within which to create such magnificent shows and pathways to professionalism. We have emptied our coffers to meet the challenge and now must share the load.

Bonus: Once we reach a level where all monthly operational costs are covered, all remaining funds in this category will be split evenly between A. Subsidizing community rentals to support up-and-coming artists and organizations and B. Funding our Art-That-Matters Scholarship fund.

2. Professionals - 20% - Our pros and crew are unique. Many are professionals with alternative careers. Some are students holding onto dreams both on and off the stage. All are mentors to our trainees, contributing choreographers, teachers, leaders, and the embodiment of the difficult feat of achieving equity in professional excellence. They are the story tellers of our shows, the builders of our worlds, and the promoters of our mission. They are the torch-bearers, the motivators, and the athletes that WILL create the legacy upon which future performers and creators will draw inspiration. This portion of every monthly gift ensures at least small stipends for the work and leadership that each professional of Company 360 provides.

3. Community Giving - 5% - A large component of what we are building at Company 360 is a place for dance and performing arts pedagogy ... but with a laser-focus on community. Our dancers and patrons are members of the greater regional community and we are committed to supporting causes throughout. Whether supporting food banks, increasing exposure of other local charities, providing other necessities to those in need, or rolling up our sleeves with our daytime Conservatory trainees, we are committed to being a part of, and not apart from, this incredible Mid-Atlantic Region. To this end, we will set aside 5% of every monthly dollar given to support our charitable partners and community initiatives. 

But Wait, There's More!

Every individual donor dollar makes it possible to pursue dollar-for-dollar matches from foundations and corporations. The value of each donation, therefore, could become many times what you think you are giving. So beyond keeping the lights on and caring for the people ... just imagine for a moment being an integral member of the explosion of dance theatre in the Rappahannock Region! Each dollar given could allow us to offer complimentary tickets to those unable to afford the theater, provide scholarships and adjustments to every single trainee in need, build out a centralized hub of dance in the area, and expand and curate equity in theater arts. 


Above all that, we also offer some real solid perks.

See below to explore each level of giving ...

and come leap with us.
How To Get Started

Step 1: Determine your monthly level of giving.

Step 2: Reach out with questions to
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