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Company 360 Dance Theatre Presents:


Hylton Performing Arts Center | Sunday, May 28th @ 2PM & 7PM 

"Buy One, Get One" Deal! Use Promo Code: 360BOGO to purchase two tickets for the price of one at our 7PM show!

You may see "ACROSS" as a cautionary commentary on division; a theatrical representation of what happens when dissidence foments insoluble difference.


You may even see it as a red flag warning to a world brimming with brinkmanship.

But at root, "ACROSS" is a heart-rending futuristic glimpse into a society in shambles, where the majority of a physically and philosophically separated people sew perpetual hate and despair ... as a select few bravely, even desperately, race to mend generational trauma with frayed swatches of love and hope.

A dance show like you'd never expect, with sets of star-crossed lovers separated by a wall incited by man ... built by man ... and made of men.


A little bit Romeo and Juliet....

A Little bit Station Eleven....


A little bit Wes Anderson....

All Company 360 Dance Theatre.

Official Trailer

welcome to Company 360's Star-crossed,

Post-Modern Fairy-Tale of wall and woe

score and portland - pull back.jpg

the story

of "across"

As with every Company 360 show of the modern era, our Artistic Director has produced a companion novella for three distinct reasons; to create increased access and understanding of dance, to allow our artists to dig deeper and drive their characters harder through every performance, and to write a really good story. Additionally, this is our way of transcending the traditional playbill model of headshots and advertisements. Are we shooting ourselves in the revenue-stream foot? Sure. But we have decided that the creation of art inside of art is so much more satisfying for the soul of Company 360, and for our growing base of fans. So yes, this book is a gift for us ... and for you ... 

Of note, this particular companion book is a bit different than the previous as it is but part 1 of 2. Our staging of Across focusing more heavily on the Cosmo side of The Wall, knowing that there are three sides to every story. Therefore, the companion novella is seen through the journaling of a Cosmo teen, Rose. She is a novice Repetitionist, or rather one who chronicles the cycles of history lest it be repeated. She collects trinkets, memories, and most importantly, stories like her father ... and his father before. These stories are some of what she will share with you on a journey of mysteries, upheavals, and irreconcilable truths.

So click below to grab your copy as soon as it is released and immerse yourself in our newest creation before the Company 360 performers transport you in late April of 2023.
Across - The Novel Cover - Kindle.jpg
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