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In Honor of our 10th Show ...
Introducing The Limited Edition Modern Era Hoodie

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art | access | advocacy

Company 360 is a groundbreaking body neutral dance company and 501c3 nonprofit, creating full length, completely-original dance theater performances per season. The first body positive dance company to be honored at the Kennedy Center, and founded by a Deaf activist, Company’s bi-annual storylines, choreography and soundtracks are entirely new, and uniquely their own. Producing long form, linear content of this form so frequently is rare, but a deep passion of its small core choreographers and Artistic Director; all female. Focused on inclusivity with excellence, and centering the health, wholeness, and kindness of it’s cast over caste, Company has been featured in various docu-series and on the CW Network for its moving approach to movement, and produces accessible dance films, daytime conservatory training, and nonprofit ethos every show and season. Company’s dancers span from Youth ranks to Professional, and it’s evolving push towards “story over status” and “art for all” includes dozens of full time scholarship students, audience experiences, and acts of service in our community abound, and thanks to our community around. If Company could show the world one thing, it would be that “a dancer’s size does not move an audience… movement moves an audience”. You’ll have to see it to believe it. 


excite | entertain | elevate


Company 360 Dance Theatre provides a variety of experiences for creating the inimitable art of dance. From our twice a year in-person shows in Fredericksburg, VA, to our digital all-access films, see yourself dancing with us and then be ready for our professional once-a-year, and bi-annual trainee, auditions.

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alight | apprentice | achieve


Whether working with professional dancers, pre-professionals, dance-educators, and more, Company 360 offers world-class dance performance training based in Fredericksburg, VA through digital outreach, partner organizations, and as of the Summer of 2022 ... from within our own dance home.

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